Government Expenditure and Industrial Development in Nigeria: Long Run and Short Run Dynamics from ARDL Approach

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Sarah Elechi Jeff-Anyeneh
Gideon Kasie Ezu
Amalachukwu Chijindu Ananwude


This study estimated the long run and short dynamics between government expenditure and industrial development in Nigeria from 1981 to 2016 with the view to evaluating how the industrial sector has been influenced by variation in government expenditure. The Autoregressive Distribute Lag (ARDL) was the technique applied. We found with dismay that government expenditure has not positively affected industrial development in Nigeria both in long run and short run despite the continuous rise in government expenditure and various policies of the government towards improving industrial performance in Nigeria. Funds allocated for environmental factors of production such as electricity, road, water, communication, etc. should be appropriately utilized. Political officer holders, contractors executing capital projects, people in corridors of powers, etc. who are embroil in misappropriation or embezzlement of public fund should be properly tried and punished if found guilty.

Government expenditure, industrial development

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Jeff-Anyeneh, S. E., Ezu, G. K., & Ananwude, A. C. (2019). Government Expenditure and Industrial Development in Nigeria: Long Run and Short Run Dynamics from ARDL Approach. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 23(6), 1-9.
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