Modal Analysis and Optimization of Typical Parts of 2K-V Reducer

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Linshan Han
Chenxu Cao
Wenhua Jiao
Zheng Wei


As a new type of high-precision gear transmission mechanism, the transmission accuracy of the 2K-V reducer will be greatly affected by vibration. With the RV110E reducer as the research object, a three-dimensional model of the needle wheel is established. Using the finite element analysis software, the natural frequency and mode shape of the needle wheel are calculated, when it’s under the output condition, then compared with the calculated gear meshing frequency. It is found when the needle wheel is used as an output, the vibration frequency is within the gear meshing frequency range, which is easy to cause resonance, thereby affects the transmission precision of the whole machine. The part of the outer shell of the needle wheel and the oil seal of the skeleton is the weakest and prone to deformation. By adding 6 reinforcing ribs between the needle wheel flange and the outer casing, increasing the flange outer diameter at the same time, the natural frequency can be increased, the deformation concentrated region can be transferred to the outer casing and the reinforcing rib. The connected parts avoid resonance and increase the service life of the needle wheel.

2K-V reducer, the needle wheel, modal analysis, the optimization design.

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Han, L., Cao, C., Jiao, W., & Wei, Z. (2019). Modal Analysis and Optimization of Typical Parts of 2K-V Reducer. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 23(6), 1-9.
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