The Role of Urban Planning in Solar Energy

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B. Yelmen
H. H. Şahin
M. T. Çakir


Since the last quarter of the 20th-century technological advances and energy production and consumption processes in Parallel with the increasing urbanization of the world's energy demand, however, it raises ecological problems. Since the nineties, reducing the pressure on the ecological balance of the city planning approach for more efficient and livable cities has been launched. The most important determinant of the country's socio-economic structure and physical development, energy supply and consumption. In this case, the relationship is associated with creased urbanization, urban planning and energy consumption is the main source reveals the well should be constructed. This study covers and sample applications that may pose the importance of Solar Energy in Urban Planning. In this context, local government, the community embraced the energy efficiency in buildings and urban transport are the most important position on the adoption of effective measures. Locations in energy efficiency measures and costs can be reduced, local employment can be increased, reduced local and global pollution, energy dependence can be reduced and improved social living conditions. Mainly by analyzing the environmental impact of this potential assessed under the vehicle and building technology, it is important to be transferred to the urban planning process.

Renewable energy, city planning, solar energy, sustainable cities

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Yelmen, B., Şahin, H., & Çakir, M. (2019). The Role of Urban Planning in Solar Energy. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 24(6), 1-11.
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