Agronomic Performance, Response and Efficient Use of Potassium in Genotypes Corn (Zea mays)

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Weder Ferreira dos Santos
Fernando Assis de Assunção
Layanni Ferreira Sodré
Lucas Carneiro Maciel
Magno De Oliveira
Hélio Bandeira Barros
Rubens Ribeiro da Silva
Joênes Mucci Peluzio
Adriano Silveira Barbosa
Talita Pereira de Souza Ferreira


The study aims to select maize for the response and efficiency of the use of potassium (K), in the municipality of Gurupi, state of Tocantins. Two trials of maize genotypes were carried out in Gurupi-TO, in the off-season 2017, one for high K condition and another for K low, applied in coverage. The experimental design of each experiment was a randomized block design with three replicates and seven treatments. The average grain production BK (6997 kg ha−1) was                     lower than the AK (7787 kg ha−1), which confirms that the application of potassium fertilizers in maize makes this answer the applications collaborating with better yields. The genotype               (G3) showed that high yield in BK environment (above the average, 4532 kg ha−1) and low response rate application of paragraph, they are defined as efficient, unresponsive. The genotype G2 was classified as efficient and responsive being indicated for producers of both technological levels.

Nutritional efficiency, efficiency indices, grain productivity, Zea mays L.

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dos Santos, W. F., de Assunção, F. A., Ferreira Sodré, L., Carneiro Maciel, L., Oliveira, M. D., Bandeira Barros, H., Ribeiro da Silva, R., Mucci Peluzio, J., Silveira Barbosa, A., & Souza Ferreira, T. P. de. (2020). Agronomic Performance, Response and Efficient Use of Potassium in Genotypes Corn (Zea mays). Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 25(6), 1-5.
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