Design and Construction of Densification Machine for Vegetables in Rural Settlements

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J. K. Agunsoye
I. Abubakar
S. I. Ogijo
A. Zakariyah
S. A. Okaiyeto


This research work was carried out to improve the storage space and effective handling of dried vegetables specifically tomatoes, onion and okra, for consumers and marketers. The machine basically consists of an upper compression plate, machine mould, piston, lower compression plate and a 3-tons hydraulic jack. The machine performance was evaluated based on Output Capacity and Machine Compression Efficiency. The results showed that the machine output capacity and efficiency were 0.291 kg/h and 96.3%, respectively. The machine production cost stood at N35,000.00 only. The machine is therefore recommended to farmers.

Compression, handling, storage space, dried vegetables.

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Agunsoye, J. K., Abubakar, I., Ogijo, S. I., Zakariyah, A., & A. Okaiyeto, S. (2020). Design and Construction of Densification Machine for Vegetables in Rural Settlements. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 26(1), 48-55.
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