Magnesium and Memory: Unraveling the Physiological Tapestry of Alzheimer's Disease

Syed Farhan Uddin *

Department of Physiology, Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas, Pakistan.

Kiran waheed

Department of Biochemistry, Indus Medical College Tando Muhammad Khan, Pakistan.

Habib-ur-Rahman Chohan

Department of Physiology, Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas, Pakistan.

Salma Sheikh

Department of Physiology, Indus Medical College Tando Muhammad Khan, Pakistan.

Naila Noor

Department of Physiology, Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas, Pakistan.

Bhawani Shankar

Department of Pathology, Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas, Pakistan.

Syed Zain-ul-abdeen

Bilawal Medical College, LUMHS, Jamshoro, Pakistan.

Syeda Mahnoor

LUMHS, Jamshoro, Pakistan.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Background: Alzheimer disease is the leading cause of Dementia throughout the world. There are multiple researches are undergoing globally to understand the etiology of this disabling disease. Magnesium is another suspicious factor that might produce this disease.

Objectives: The study was aimed to evaluate possible association between serum magnesium and Alzheimer disease.

Methodology: This case control study was conducted in the emergency Department in collaboration of Medical OPD of Liquate University Hospital Hyderabad from January 2023 to December 2023. 300 participants were divided into control, 200 participants and 100 in the test group. Serum Magnesium was evaluated into both control and test group. Graph Pad Prism 9 was used to detect P value. Significance of variable was considered below 0.05.

Results:  Those who were suffering from Alzheimer disease shows more Hypomagnesaemia (p-value= 0.001) than normal patients. The low serum Magnesium level was found 3.1 times greater (Odds ratio= 5.5, likelihood ratio= 1.9) in Alzheimer patients

Conclusion: there is a specific association between Hypomagnesaemia and Alzheimer disease.

Keywords: Alzheimer disease, serum magnesium, dementia

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Uddin, S. F., waheed , K., Chohan , H.- ur-R., Sheikh , S., Noor , N., Shankar , B., Zain-ul-abdeen, S., & Mahnoor , S. (2024). Magnesium and Memory: Unraveling the Physiological Tapestry of Alzheimer’s Disease. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 30(5), 251–258.


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