A Part II of the Reports on the Ongoing HMD Technology Research

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Aliaksandr Yurievich Alevanau
Olgerd Pavlovich Kuznechik


The report continues reporting of results of an ongoing research verifying a hypothetic energy generation mechanism for reengineering of Gritskevich’s Hydro Magnetic Dynamo (HMD). The HMD technology is a patented technology for electric power generation. It was invented in Russia and deployed in a semi-industrial scale (1.5 MW power unit) in Armenia in 1992. After its successful exploitation during 5 years no more units were assembled. Nowadays the technology needs verification of its physical mechanisms for its successful reengineering. The aim of the report is to present current results of an ongoing theoretical and experimental research of hypothetic physical mechanisms providing energy generation in the unit. It is written without disclosure of its construction and technical details. Thus the theory of hypothetic energy generation mechanisms is described in a general way. The reported experimental results provide only partial support for the theory. They should be independently reproduced and verified.

Scale relativity, fracturing of nanoparticles, low energy nuclear reactions.

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Alevanau, A. Y., & Kuznechik, O. P. (2019). A Part II of the Reports on the Ongoing HMD Technology Research. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 24(3), 1-6. https://doi.org/10.9734/jsrr/2019/v24i330153
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