Design of Automobile Digital Tire Pressure Detector

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Yunyu Cao
Jinjin Dang
Chenxu Cao


According to vast statistics, more than half of traffic accidents are related to the failure of car tire pressure. This paper investigated the design scheme of the existing tire pressure monitoring system, then selected the appropriate sensor, converted the tire pressure signal into the corresponding voltage signal and outputed it. Finally displayed the measurement result by the digital display tube. The main problem to be solved is that selecting a suitable pressure sensor requires accurate measurement of the required pressure parameters; completing the conversion of the analog signal and the digital signal; setting an appropriate threshold value. When the value is exceeded, the audible and visual alarm signal is emitted. This design adopted the design scheme of direct tire pressure monitoring system. Firstly, the circuit diagram is designed in the Altium desigener software environment and the corresponding simulation experiment is completed. Then, according to a successful experimental scheme, the PCB circuit board is processed to complete the welding of the physical object. At the same time, writing the running program in the C language environment and use Keil software to burn the program into the single-chip microcomputer. Finally, the debugging and modification of the physical object of the single-chip microcomputer completed the expected function.

Car tire pressure, single chip, sensor.

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Cao, Y., Dang, J., & Cao, C. (2019). Design of Automobile Digital Tire Pressure Detector. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 25(4), 1-10.
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