Study on the Effect of Shading on Performance of Leafy Vegetables

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Zannatul Firdaus Binte Habib
Md. Rashedul Hassan
Nazmun Naher
Abdul Halim


A field experiment was conducted at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Sher-e-Bangla, Dhaka, Bangladesh during the period from March, 2019 to June, 2019. The aim of the study was to select best summer leafy vegetables, suitable for holding under different shade condition in agroforestry systems. The selected vegetables were also grown in control i.e., open field condition or in full sunlight. The vegetables were Indian Spinach, Stem Amaranth, and Red Amaranth and treatments were T0= planting summer leafy vegetables under full sunlight, T1= planting summer leafy vegetables under 50% shade condition (reduced light intensity) and T2 = planting summer leafy vegetables under 75% shade condition (reduced light intensity). The experiment was laid out following single factor RCBD design. Three replications were used for each treatment for each crop. During the study period maximum light intensity reduction was recorded in Red Amaranth (48.28%) in 75% shade condition and minimum light intensity was reduced in case of Indian Spinach (26.14%) under 50% shade condition. The reduced light intensity had substantial effects on various growth parameters of the summer leafy vegetables. From the experiment, significant result was observed in all morphological characteristics for all leafy vegetables under reduced light intensity. Apart from this, highest yield was found in Stem Amaranth (22.33 ton/ha) and Indian Spinach (13.83 ton/ha) in 75% shade condition. Highest yield of Indian Spinach (19.40 ton/ha), Stem Amaranth (27.25 ton/ha) and Red Amaranth (11.30 ton/ha) was recorded under full sunlight. Considering shade condition, Stem Amaranth and Indian Spinach were best suitable for growing in Agroforestry systems.

Shade, light intensity, leafy vegetables, agroforestry, yield

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Habib, Z. F. B., Hassan, M. R., Naher, N., & Halim, A. (2020). Study on the Effect of Shading on Performance of Leafy Vegetables. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 26(10), 8-24.
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