Management of Accidentally Injected Ivermectin Overdose Inflicted Toxicity in German Shepherd Dog

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Rajendra Singh
Shantanu Kumar Kuldeep
Jagdish Das
Jitesh Kumar Chetiwal


An owner complaint about adverse reaction half an hour after accidental injection of ivermectin to a dog. The dog showed hyperthermia, bradycardia, dyspnoea, hypersalivation and frothy discharge, dilated pupil and ataxia. The dog was symptomatically treated with normal saline, dexamethasone, tribivet-M and atropine sulphate. Adverse symptoms were abolished after two hours. Instant reporting by the owner and prompt treatment in the present study helps to avoid further deterioration in the dog's condition and made possible fast recovery.

Dog, macrocyclic lactone, endectocide, ataxia.

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Singh, R., Kuldeep, S. K., Das, J., & Chetiwal, J. K. (2020). Management of Accidentally Injected Ivermectin Overdose Inflicted Toxicity in German Shepherd Dog. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 26(11), 10-12.
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