Study on Wear form of Split Cone of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

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Feifei Feng
Jinfa Shi
Jie Yang
Junxu Ma


The three-dimensional model rotor of vertical shaft impact crusher was established by using the three-dimensional software Solidworks and it was imported into the discrete element software EDEM for dynamic simulation. The force of the split cone, the motion trajectory and force of the particles were analyzed in rotor by using the post-processing function of EDEM. The results show that the split cone was mainly affected by the normal action of particles. According to the definition of impact wear, it was finally determined that the wear form of the split cone is impact wear.

Vertical shaft impact crusher, split cone, wear form, dynamic simulation, EDEM.

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Feng, F., Shi, J., Yang, J., & Ma, J. (2020). Study on Wear form of Split Cone of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 26(11), 13-20.
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