Review of Literature on Methodological Approaches of Assessing the Adoption of Enterprise Risk Management Practices

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S. P. G. M. Abeyrathna
A. J. M. Priyadarshana
U. D. P. Priyashantha


This study intends to examine the previous researches on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). On examining the previous researches, it is evident that both primary data based (using robust models) and secondary data based (using Dummy variables) approaches adopted by the previous researchers and those are taken into account and have been reviewed in this paper. In here, researchers have identified that most of the recent studies have used robust models in assessing the adoption of ERM practices, while earlier researchers used dummy variables in assessing ERM practices. Here, in some cases, there are some contradictories of results of the studies in two approaches. Based on the recommendations, conclusions of prior research, and the analysis of the available literature, it has been recommended to use robust models like COSO ERM framework, ISO 31000 etc. in case of assessing the adoption of ERM practices in future studies.

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Abeyrathna, S. P. G. M., Priyadarshana, A. J. M., & Priyashantha, U. D. P. (2021). Review of Literature on Methodological Approaches of Assessing the Adoption of Enterprise Risk Management Practices. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 26(11), 21-26.
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