Cubic Transformation of Exponential Weibull and its Statistical Properties

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Haiyue Wang
Zhenhua Bao


In this paper, a cubic transformation exponential Weibull distribution is proposed by using the family of cubic transformation distributions introduced by Rahman et al.The reasoning process of the proposed cubic transformation exponential Weibull distribution is discussed in detail, and its statistical properties and parameter estimation are also discussed.Using real data, the maximum likelihood estimation is used to simulate. Through the comparison of fitting results, it is concluded that the cubic transformation exponential Weibull distribution proposed in this paper has stronger applicability.

Cubic transformation, maximum likelihood estimation, moment, reliability analysis, exponential Weibull.

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Wang, H., & Bao, Z. (2020). Cubic Transformation of Exponential Weibull and its Statistical Properties. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 26(11), 39-50.
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