Impact-Losses, Reboot-Gain and Agricultural Effect during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Anil Kumar
Balkrishna S. Bhople
Arun Kumar
Renu Kapoor
Balwinder Kumar


The emerging infectious diseases are increasing in frequency exerting significant impact on human health and severely threatening global economy. Now at present, the whole globe is facing the challenges evolved owing to Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has set the clock backwards on the developmental progress of several nations including India and pauses the global economy owing to repeated lockdowns. The agricultural sector owing to its diverse output (crops, horticulture, dairying, fisheries, etc.) only showed positive growth in Indian GDP (gross domestic product) despite various challenges faced by this sector especially labour shortage, transportation, marketing, etc. The central as well as several state governments also issued supportive steps to favour agricultural related activities and provided incentives to farmers to unlock growth. Still, there is necessity to support and promote digital platforms to scale up on an emergency basis and provide an outlet for the farmers’ produce immediately. The government should think to build storage facilities on villages’ level as well as brought policies to support pricing (minimum support price) for other nutritious cereals like sorghum and millets.

Agriculture, COVID-19, GDP, global economy, lockdown, pandemic

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Kumar, A., Bhople, B. S., Kumar, A., Kapoor, R., & Kumar, B. (2021). Impact-Losses, Reboot-Gain and Agricultural Effect during COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 27(3), 1-6.
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