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Dentigerous Cyst Associated with Impacted Premolar Tooth

M. S. Nalini, Balasubramanya Kumar, Sunil Shorff

Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, Page 1-4
DOI: 10.9734/JSRR/2018/40324

Dentigerous cysts of the mandible is an uncommon entity in routine clinical practice. The dentigerous cyst is found in children and adolescents, the highest incidence is in the second and third decades. This article reports the case of dentigerous cysts associated with the tooth germ of the unerupted premolar. The treatment approach includes enucleation and extraction of involved teeth. In conclusion, proper case selection early detection for conservative treatment might be good option for treating dentigerous cysts.

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Measurements of Gross Alpha and Beta Radioactivity in Surface Soil, Mineral Rock and Consumable Water around Mining Sites in Benue State, Nigeria

A. I. Olanrewaju, E. Osarulobe, G. O. Avwiri

Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, Page 1-14
DOI: 10.9734/JSRR/2018/39193

The concentration of gross alpha and gross beta radioactivity in surface soil, mineral rock and consumable water around mining sites in Benue state, Nigeria have been measured using protean instrument corporation (PIC) MPC 2000DP detector. The average activity for gross alpha ranged between 4.20±2.00 Bq/kg (coal) – 11.8±4.00 Bq/kg (salt) in soil and in mineral rocks the activity varies between 1.11±0.70 Bq/kg (lead) to 5.20±3.00 Bq/kg (limestone). The gross beta has an average activity ranges between 739.6±542.0 Bq/kg (lead) – 1703.3±152.20 Bq/kg (limestone) in soil and values of 245.3±171.5 Bq/kg (coal) to 1004.5±98.5 Bq/kg (barite) was obtained for mineral rocks. The average activity concentrations of gross alpha and beta in soil were compared with other literature values. Correlations were made among the variables (gross alpha and gross beta) to prove the interdependency or direct relationship in the investigated samples. In water samples, the calculated average value of gross alpha and gross beta activities varies from 0.0078±0.0036 (barite) to 0.1620±0.2530 Bq/L (salt) and 0.2200±0.0123 (limestone) to 4.8500±0.1510 Bq/L (coal) respectively. The average activity concentrations of gross alpha in water in all mining fields were below the permissible levels stipulated by World Health Organization (WHO). The average annual committed effective dose from intake of water was calculated to study the dose level. The values obtained in limestone, barite, lead and salt mine fields were lower than the (WHO) recommended reference level (0.1mSv/y) while the value obtained in coal mine field was higher than the reference level. Consumable water around the coal mine field may pose a health risk as the ingested dose is quite high.

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Hadamard and Fejér Hadamard Inequalities for (h - m)- Convex Functions Via Fractional Integral Containing the Generalized Mittag-Leffler Function

Atiq Ur Rehman, Ghulam Farid, Qurat ul Ain

Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, Page 1-8
DOI: 10.9734/JSRR/2018/40359

The Hadamard and the Fejér Hadamard integral inequalities for (h - m)- convex functions via generalized fractional integral operators involving the generalized Mittag-Leffler function are established. In particular several known results are mentioned.

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Community Participation in Resident Hunting in South West Rungwa Game Reserve

Jovine K. Nachihangu, Khalfan Kiondo, James Lwelamira

Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, Page 1-15
DOI: 10.9734/JSRR/2018/40658

Illegal bush meat utilization is a global wildlife management challenge. Understanding resident hunting as a legal way for bush meat utilization and conservation strategy is a key to addressing this challenge. The study assessed community participation in resident hunting in South West Rungwa Game Reserve. A study involved 150 households selected from four villages. Data were collected using semi-structured questionnaire. Furthermore, in-depth interviews with 10 key informants and four (4) Focus Groups Discussion (FGD) were also carried out to collect qualitative information.

The results revealed that there was the shortfall in implementation of resident hunting regulation, by district Councils to ensure sustainability. Furthermore, results show that local people in the study area were not aware of the presence of resident hunting. Participation of local community members in resident hunting was very low and those who participated were not directly involved in the harvesting of the animals for home use or sale, and very few local people had resident hunting permit. Major factors which hindered participation in resident hunting include lack of awareness followed by lack of hunting tools, the prohibition on selling of bush meat, competition from hunting companies, high hunting fees and laxity of laws.

We recommend awareness creation on resident hunting should be emphasized, in order to equip local community with valuable information on how to utilize wild animals sustainably. Furthermore, Wildlife Division should review Resident Hunting Regulation to empower local community to participate in resident hunting for household use and income generation. Lastly, penalties should be increased to discourage illegal hunting. 

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The Formation of 6 and 8 Members Block Hybrid Methods with Multiple-mesh Points for the Solution of Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations

Y. Skwame, J. Sunday, H. Ali

Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, Page 1-8
DOI: 10.9734/JSRR/2018/39319

This paper is focused on the formation of 6 and 8 member block hybrid methods with multiple-mesh point’s for the solution of stiff ordinary differential equations. The research further investigates the basic properties of implicit three-step and four-step block hybrid methods. We noticed that the moment the value of an error constant is positive, the order P is odd. And when the value of an error constant is negative then the order P is of even number. The performance of the methods was demonstrated on some stiff initial value problems (IVPs). The result revealed that the hybrid block methods are efficient, accurate and convergent on some stiff ordinary differential equations.