A Study on Relationship between Technical Efficiency and Climate Change Manifestations among Sesame Farmers in Benue State, Nigeria

B. C. Asogwa, M. P. Nwalem, G. C. Aye

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Physico-chemical Alterations and Hydrocarbon Characteristics of Kom-Kom Oil Spill Soils

I. M. Onyejekwe, L. C. Osuji, E. O. Nwaichi

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Evaluation of Occupational Health and Infection Control Practices in Some Federal Medical Centers (FMCs) in Southern Nigeria

O. T. Allen, I. L. Nwaogazie, K. Douglas

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Analysis of Particle Pollution in Residential Urban Area of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Christopher U. Onuorah, T. G. Leton, O. L. Y. Momoh

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A Comparative Analysis on Maritime Disaster Management between Korea and Sweden

Lock Namkung

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