Knowledge Level of Farmers towards Use of Private Bio-fertilizers

Karravula Rakesh *

Department of Extension Education, NMCA, NAU, Navsari-396450, India.

R. M. Naik

Department of Extension Education, NMCA, NAU, Navsari-396450, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Bio-fertilizers are ready-to-use live formulates of beneficial microorganisms that on application to seed, root or soil mobilize and augment the availability of nutrients through their biological activity in particular, and help build up microflora and soil health in general. The study was conducted in the Navsari district of South Gujarat using Ex-post facto research design. A total of 120 respondents were selected randomly. Private Bio-fertilizers in this study are referred to as the bio-fertilizers that are manufactured by private manufacturers. This study concluded that little less than half of respondents had moderate knowledge about use of private bio-fertilizers.The relationship between profile of the respondents and their knowledge level towards use of private bio-fertilizers revealed that Education, occupation, mass media exposure, scientific orientation were found positively and highly significantly associated at 1 per cent level of probability whereas, land holding, extension contact, social participation, risk orientation, economic motivation and management orientation were positively and significantly associated at 5 percent level of probability, while age, gender, family size, farming experience, annual income and family type had non-significant association with knowledge about use of private bio-fertilizers.

Keywords: Knowledge, bio-fertilizers, respondents, profile, ex-post facto

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Rakesh , K., & Naik , R. M. (2023). Knowledge Level of Farmers towards Use of Private Bio-fertilizers. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 29(10), 67–70.


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